Are you worried about people stealing your website content?

Do you want to protect your hard work and creativity from unauthorized copying and misuse?

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Disable right-click functionality

Easily disable right-clicking on your website, preventing visitors from copying and pasting your content or images.

Advanced copy protection

Advanced copy protection features prevent users from using keyboard shortcuts or other methods to copy your text or images.

Easy installation

ContentShield is easy to install and works seamlessly with your existing WordPress website.

Free to use

ContentShield is free to use - simply sign up with your email address to receive the download link and installation instructions.

No coding required

You don't need any coding or technical skills to use ContentShield - simply install and activate the plugin.

Protects all types of content

ContentShield protects all types of online content, including text, images, videos, and audio files.

ContentShield is a free WordPress plugin

that helps protect your online content from theft and plagiarism Trustpilot rating. 4.8 from 411 reviews